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About Andy Fenstermaker

Andy Fenstermaker

I am Andy Fenstermaker.

Nickname 1: Fense
Nickname 2: Fireball

Most people just call me Andy, though.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ. Enneagram 9w1.

I have one of those passionate, obsessive personalities. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I get over-excited about things — music especially, but also cycling, collecting vinyl records, e-commerce, email marketing, data analysis and visualization, social media, graphic design, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

Thus, I can be a bit intense at times.

There is always an immense passion bustling to get out. But my personality is a friendly one filled with warmth and empathy.

“This dude is a damn nerd.”

YouTube Commenter

About FensePost Media

Founded in 2022, FensePost Media is a dream 20 plus years in the making.

I, Andy Fenstermaker, have always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of owning my own company has always had an appeal. Now, with closing in on two decades of experience under my belt and a marketplace that is leaning into remote work and gig culture, this dream is coming to fruition, if just as a side hustle.

FensePost Media is the parent of a few side-hustle-based ventures, all parallel in some extent to my marketing background.

  1. There’s the FensePost Vinyl Blog and YouTube Channel, which is centered around content creation, personal branding, and cultivating a passionate community.
  2. There’s the e-commerce and marketplace sales through Discogs, where I’m continually trying to make room in my vast collection for new records.
  3. And there’s the championing real estate agents as a Career Consultant for Keller Williams to making room in my record collections through online sales.

While FensePost Media also included freelance design and marketing work in the early days, I’m not currently taking on new projects or clients.

A Penchant for Personal Passion Projects

When I’m not geeking out over good design or marketing analytics or data analysis, you can find me delving into one of my passions.


I hit paved trails on my 2020 Specialized road bike a few times a week to remain in shape and get some wind therapy in. My favorite local spots include Oak Point Nature Preserve, Chisholm Trail, and White Rock Lake.

With a goal to cross 2,500 miles in 2022, as of July of this year I have logged over 10,700 miles across three different bikes on Strava. I typically pace about 17-18 mph and my average ride is 20-25 miles long.

Also, as a former motorcycle rider, I’m the only cyclist I know who rides with a gremlin bell.

I love finding something interesting to photograph on my rides. This exploration keeps routes I’ve taken hundreds of times interesting as I’m always discovering something I haven’t seen before.

On my rides, I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts about personal growth, relationships, communication, and business. I’m always striving to learn something new.

Specialized Road Bicycle