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FensePost Music Blog

FensePost Vinyl Blog.

Originally started as a music blog in 2006 by Andy Fenstermaker, FensePost featured daily reviews of new music. After years of churning out content, the blog went on hiatus and into dormancy for many years beginning around 2013.

Ten years later, Andy revived the blog with a new focus: cultivating his love for vinyl records. This renewed passion included a few new ventures:

  1. A YouTube Channel complimenting the content that would be published on the blog.
  2. Building an email list with occasional blasts to grow fans and cultivate community.






A Marketing Generalist… Who Knows Their Shit.

Over 16 years of strategy, digital marketing, and content creation with a unique left-brain meets right-brain understanding of how both creative and data work together.

I cut my teeth at agencies early in my career, working with international name brands as well as local and regional companies ranging from fashion and automotive to banking and health care.

Then I flipped to the client side, spending time in a variety of diverse industries including e-commerce, PowerSports, small government, and real estate.

I embody the growth mindset. I thrive in my passions. I enjoy doing what I want, when I want to.

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